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Funskool Rubik's Cube 3 X 3

Rubik's 3 X 3

Product Code : 7035100


This magic cube tests one's mental skill along with patience, diligence and mental fortitude. The product is made of white ABS safe plastic and is not harmful at all. This educational toy possesses smooth and fast movement. While revolving the sub cubes, it doesn't get stuck in between. This wonder cube also serves as the purpose of increasing one's memory power as this game calls for this ability. Though this cube is made for kids, it is also interesting for adults.


Product Features

  • No colour stickers and no issue of sticker peeling off, instead the parts are moulded in the respective colours

  • New design and tough tiles

  • Smoother and faster action, thus very much ideal for fast cubing

Funskool Rubik's Cube 3 X 3

SKU: 7035100
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